Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Monday, August 29, 2016


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Setting Goals are sooo important in every aspect of life. They help get a clear picture of things I would like to accomplish.

November 14, 2010 I sat down and listed out all of major goal for 5 years. On that document I listed monthly and quarterly goals that included items such as: Learn Spanish, travel out of country, become more financial secures, reduce debt, take the MCAT and an endless number of additional goals. I also listed the exact date that I hoped to enter medical school.

And one day my I woke up and my calendar read Jan. 2015. In a panic I realized that there was so much that I hadn't accomplished and things I still wanted to work towards, and it was time to extended my "Goal Docs"  out for a few more years. I noticed that some of my goals had been met and other had been marked through twice, copied and pasted to a later date but one thing that had not occurred was the need to erase any of my goals. Though I did slightly rephrase goals and move dates, I never lost sight of where I wanted to go or the dreams that I had and wanted to accomplish.

As a first year Medical School student, I recently reviewed my goals from 2010-2015 and I looked at the many times I had to move dates, and edits where I had to readjust "My Plans" and relocate my goals. I had to readjust my plans to fit God's plans for my life because sometimes it is decided unbeknownst to ourselves that we need to take a few detours before we reach our final destination. Sometime we are frustrated by the traffic we are met with on these detours but every interaction and reaction has its purpose. And, while I have have items on my goals list x'd and relocated, I still made it to my end destination for this particular chapter of my life. Now its time to add my goals for the next 5-10 years and I look forward growing and learning more about myself and those I meet along the way!

Never give up on yourself, make adjustments, rephrase and rededicate aspects of your life and/or goals and move forward because a missed goals is not a misplaced Goal!

Monday, August 22, 2016

How do you find time....

I have officially been in school for almost 2 months and school recently started back for my son as well. Is it just me or does like feel like once school started that some time goblin stole several hours out of my day. Not only does it feel like the standard 24 hour days no longer applies for me but I am in a time warp and everyone and everything around me is going in overdrive.

Where is there time to eat, sleep, go to class, take notes, read notes, re-read notes, sleep, eat healthy, help with homework, cook, sleep, attend study group, sleep, exercise and did I say breathe lol

Ideally, when school began I wanted to incorporate healthier habits into my life such as exercise a few times a week, meal prep, healthier foods, sleep 8+ hours, in addition to my normal parenting duties and attending class and studying. However,  during the first two weeks of schools I found it very hard to do much of anything that wasn't considered absolutely necessary (Eat whatever was available, sleep, go to class study and normal family obligations) and doing those things felt like a stretch.

Now that a few weeks have gone by and I feel more comfortable with balancing everything. Of course some days a way better than other days but over the last 2 months I have discovered that I will have to sacrifice somethings in order to find this balance. One thing I am working on is scheduling majority of my daily activities in order to feel like I am actively accomplishing my weekly goals. I am doing this for both school and home (you can image some of the items on the daily checklist for a little boy smh LOL). However, I have yet to find time for exercise :-( so in lieu of not being able to rigorously exercise, I skip the elevator and take the steps everywhere I go, take walks during extended breaks and "try" to do small workouts at home and I have incorporated several healthy food items into my weekly meals.

I am glad that it is still early in the school year for both my son and myself because it gives us time to tweak an ideal routine. I am always looking for suggestions on how other students balance school and personal life , so please share!!!   Stay posted for new updates on our school/home routine.

Mini Update
2 Exams down
1 exam next week
Organ systems and Gross Lab starts in 2 weeks!
White Coat Ceremony in 3 weeks!!!!!!