Saturday, December 31, 2016

Twenty Sixteen

Its only right that I close out this year with a post!

2016 has been a year I will never forget.

So many great things happened in my life this year that I don't even need to drudge up the unpleasant times.

I lived to see another year, Twenty-Great :-) to be exact

My son lived to see another year.

I started medical school

I've formed new bonds

And Im learning and growing every day

Balancing school and life been a welcomed challenge and i look forward to all the great things 2016 has in store!

Blessing to all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Biochemistry NMBE

Tomorrow is our first Mini board of the year and first National Mini board ever. This should be interesting :-)

This is the final stretch and I will be free for a GRAND 10 day Winter Break (you should see the excitement on my face 10 whole days lol)

Share in the humor with me!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall Reflections

So far this week has provided me with a major boost in moral. 

As a first year MD student at my school we must participate in clinical preceptorships, which is similar to shadowing in some cases and in others, we visit sites that provide healthcare and other services for underserved population and learn more about the work they do, services they provide, and people they help.  Well, yesterday my random assignment happen to be at a Family Medicine office that I have volunteered at for the past 2 years. It was so refreshing to be there and chat with my mentor and see patients.  

Initially, I didn't feel any different walking in as a medical student as I did during my previous trips there but as the evening hours rolled on I realized things were different. I got really excited when the physician would mention topics that I had recently learned in class and I felt confident about my ability to answer clinical questions.  Like, despite how I may feel that sometimes info is going in one ear and out the other, my studying and the endless hours I am putting are not in vain. I realized that the main purpose of the preceptorships is not give us more shadowing exposure because we all have hundreds and hundred of hours but for those days when we are bogged down with book work, lecture notes and feel so far removed from our goal of practicing medicine, it shows us, "That hey this is why you spend all of those hour reading, learning and preparing, so one day you can see patients and be the best physician for them as you possible can". And, I really needed that yesterday!  

Then, today is my son's birthday!!!! I still can't believe how much he has grown and matured into a spectacular young boy. His birthday reminds me of my journey and how far we have come. He's seen me graduate from college, moved to Macon for grad school with me, seen me graduate from that treacherous program and now he is seeing me pursue my dream of becoming a physician! Today is just a reminder that my dream is really bigger than me because I have so many other people relying on my determination, my imagination and my success.

School for me this last month has not been all that I had hoped. Honestly, my motivation has been a bit lack luster, I am present but sometimes my mind is completely absent. Then, I set expectations for myself that I probably wouldn't even expect Albert Einstein to accomplish and when I didn't meet those goals it was difficult for me reevaluate how realistic of those expectations were but easy for me criticize my own efforts. But, I am learning to take easier on myself because while expecting greatness is great, burn out is real. I've done a lot of things in my life that I can reflect on but I've never done medical school before. I've never done medical school before as mother before. I've never done medical school before in my hometown with all my family (pro&con). This a whole different ball game and I'm just a rookie. But, I am learning, growing and still finding my way through. One thing I know is that, I dream about this, wished for this, prayed about this, and now I am hear. While people make plenty of mistakes, God doesn't! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Relax.Relate.Release: DIY/ChefMD

When I need a break from my everyday routine a few things I enjoy doing are DIY projects and cooking!

Here are a few of my recent projects and dishes:

Year Around Center Piece: Rocks, 3 different floral arrangements and glass vase.

I purchased all of these items during a Dollar Tree Haul! I super glued various glass pieces together to make the bathroom decor items.

2 cheese, spinach, & mushroom Stuffed chicken with Zucchini, Squash and peppers
Devin Making his own chicken

Curry Chicken

Caribbean Style Cabbage

Sweet Potato Pie (before the oven)

Curry Chicken, Cabbage, Rice & peas

Organ Systems 1: The Game Changer

It has been a whole month since my last blog post and I definitely have a few updates to share. Of course I had the pleasure in participating in my schools annual White Coat Ceremony. My family and friends were able to be their and support me as I began this new chapter exciting chapter!

Mostly importantly (at least academically) I began the Organ Systems 1 block and the last 6 weeks consisted of our 1st test block mainly on Cardiology and randomly thrown in there Skin and the Nervous System. I also started Gross Anatomy lab and during this 1st test block we learned about the Back and Upper limb anatomy/dissections. I am very appreciative of the individuals that saw fit to donate their vessel/body for science, so that I and my classmates would be able to further our understanding of anatomy and the physical body! 

Now lets get to the good stuff. How I feel about Organ Systems/Gross Lab 1 so far!
Well Hmm (clears throat LOL) its like a coin toss there are aspects that I like and things that I don't like. Lets start with what I am not so fond of. I am not a big fan of the actual dissection part of Gross lab. I understand the practicalness/purpose of Gross lab but I know for sure in my heart (as of right now) that surgery is not my forte, I can barely draw a straight line let alone reflect/dissect/skin. The ambiguity of nerves, blood vessels and structures is mind blowing to me and while very fascinating, I find bit challenging in the aspect of memorization and discernment going from one cadaver to the next. As time goes on I am sure it will come with more ease but as of today, three days post Gross Lab Practical, I can't say that I am ever super excited when I see gross lab on the schedule.

Next, OS1 lecture: Since our first test block was 6 weeks, this 1st test was the longest test so far. As I may have mentioned before the subject matter is generally not at all difficult, the challenging aspect for me was the amount of material. I definitely enjoy learning new things. Many of the biochem, physiology and cell bio type topics were previously introduced to me during grad school. Learning about these topics in medical school has provided me with a deeper layer of understanding. Also we started Community Health. MSM missions is really community oriented and in this Service-Learning course we take an active role in the community and try to add additional value to the lives of those we service through mentorship, programming, and by implementing a health related intervention based on community needs.

Our 1st exam of this block was on Oct 18 & 19. Despite having had several exams prior, I can say this exam was an eye opening experiences. They showed me a lot about the effectiveness of my study style/schedule and about my personal drive and motivation. I got sick during this first block, a few random family things happened, and I have a minor fender bender. All things that could happen whether I am a student or not. Having all these things happened has help me reevaluate my own drive. Physical illness is something that I can't necessarily predict and sometimes even prevent but those days when I am just mentally exhausted and don't feel like sticking to my schedule, I can prevent. 

Tip for Today: Make a schedule and stick to it. Make sure your schedule is flexible and incorporate free/me/fun time into your schedule. Devote as much time to personal/mental relaxation as you do to academic preparation and progression!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016



Not Women Crush Wednesday But WHITE COAT WEDNESDAY

Friday September 16, 2016 I participated in my schools 32nd White Coat Ceremony!!!
I have a few more years before I can add DR/MD to my name but I am definitely excited for the fun and challenges times to come over the next 4 years and beyond!

I literally could write for days how blessed I am that this day has finally come, rehash my undergrad, pos bacc, or grad school experiences that lead up to point, laugh at the MCAT statistics (Look I Made It), talk about my youth growing up in a single parent home etc, and go on and on but its all been said.
 Faith, Perseverance and whole lot of bandages got me here.  Remember if you fall, get back up, if you fall again and bleed, wrap your wound and get back up. Remember if you Fail, you are not a failure, success is in your horizon, you just need a little more time to figure out the kinks!

Check out one of my 1st blog post Dear Reapplicant It will be exactly 2 years since I wrote that post but the information still stands true to me. Best of luck during this application cycle to all of the current applicants and individuals applying in the near future!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

News and Upcoming Pre-Med Event!

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Monday, August 29, 2016


Image result for goals

Setting Goals are sooo important in every aspect of life. They help get a clear picture of things I would like to accomplish.

November 14, 2010 I sat down and listed out all of major goal for 5 years. On that document I listed monthly and quarterly goals that included items such as: Learn Spanish, travel out of country, become more financial secures, reduce debt, take the MCAT and an endless number of additional goals. I also listed the exact date that I hoped to enter medical school.

And one day my I woke up and my calendar read Jan. 2015. In a panic I realized that there was so much that I hadn't accomplished and things I still wanted to work towards, and it was time to extended my "Goal Docs"  out for a few more years. I noticed that some of my goals had been met and other had been marked through twice, copied and pasted to a later date but one thing that had not occurred was the need to erase any of my goals. Though I did slightly rephrase goals and move dates, I never lost sight of where I wanted to go or the dreams that I had and wanted to accomplish.

As a first year Medical School student, I recently reviewed my goals from 2010-2015 and I looked at the many times I had to move dates, and edits where I had to readjust "My Plans" and relocate my goals. I had to readjust my plans to fit God's plans for my life because sometimes it is decided unbeknownst to ourselves that we need to take a few detours before we reach our final destination. Sometime we are frustrated by the traffic we are met with on these detours but every interaction and reaction has its purpose. And, while I have have items on my goals list x'd and relocated, I still made it to my end destination for this particular chapter of my life. Now its time to add my goals for the next 5-10 years and I look forward growing and learning more about myself and those I meet along the way!

Never give up on yourself, make adjustments, rephrase and rededicate aspects of your life and/or goals and move forward because a missed goals is not a misplaced Goal!

Monday, August 22, 2016

How do you find time....

I have officially been in school for almost 2 months and school recently started back for my son as well. Is it just me or does like feel like once school started that some time goblin stole several hours out of my day. Not only does it feel like the standard 24 hour days no longer applies for me but I am in a time warp and everyone and everything around me is going in overdrive.

Where is there time to eat, sleep, go to class, take notes, read notes, re-read notes, sleep, eat healthy, help with homework, cook, sleep, attend study group, sleep, exercise and did I say breathe lol

Ideally, when school began I wanted to incorporate healthier habits into my life such as exercise a few times a week, meal prep, healthier foods, sleep 8+ hours, in addition to my normal parenting duties and attending class and studying. However,  during the first two weeks of schools I found it very hard to do much of anything that wasn't considered absolutely necessary (Eat whatever was available, sleep, go to class study and normal family obligations) and doing those things felt like a stretch.

Now that a few weeks have gone by and I feel more comfortable with balancing everything. Of course some days a way better than other days but over the last 2 months I have discovered that I will have to sacrifice somethings in order to find this balance. One thing I am working on is scheduling majority of my daily activities in order to feel like I am actively accomplishing my weekly goals. I am doing this for both school and home (you can image some of the items on the daily checklist for a little boy smh LOL). However, I have yet to find time for exercise :-( so in lieu of not being able to rigorously exercise, I skip the elevator and take the steps everywhere I go, take walks during extended breaks and "try" to do small workouts at home and I have incorporated several healthy food items into my weekly meals.

I am glad that it is still early in the school year for both my son and myself because it gives us time to tweak an ideal routine. I am always looking for suggestions on how other students balance school and personal life , so please share!!!   Stay posted for new updates on our school/home routine.

Mini Update
2 Exams down
1 exam next week
Organ systems and Gross Lab starts in 2 weeks!
White Coat Ceremony in 3 weeks!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's official, I am official!!! After a whirlwind pre-summer, I can say with great pride that I am officially a medical school student. I have been rejected many times, pre-screened, waitlisted, and finally accepted multiple times over! Now I can say with certainty that I am at an institution where I belong and feel I will thrive and have all of the support I need.

This Monday I celebrated my birthday by taking my first ever Medical School exam as an actual Medical student (last year I took a medical school exam with M1s but as a summer student). I was not originally excited about having a major exam on my birthday but what other way would I want to celebrate my life and have another year to accomplish goals and be with family/friends than by living out a life long dream!! Well lets get to this a synopsis of the first few weeks of school.

Our orientation was at the end of June and class began immediately after the July 4th Holiday. Orientation consisted of faculty and student introductions, class photos, debt management talks, school public safety sessions, learning communities introduction and Ethic dilemma session among a wide range of other things.

The first week of class was a bit surreal, even though it was only a 4 day class week due to the holiday it probably felt like one the longest weeks so far. At that point it still had not set in that I was actually in medical school and that I was in a position that I had envisioned for so long (not sure if it has even set in yet lol).

My school typically has class Mon-Fri first starting at 9am and the end of our day ranges from 3pm to 5pm but once gross lab starts we will definitely be there till 5pm or later. I am accostumed to the long days because I just transitioned from a full time job back to being a full time student, despite that I found myself searching for energy after lunch, during our 3pm session and even sadly sometimes midway through our 9am session. If you have ever heard medical school classes being referred to as like a fire hydrant... its true because the amount of information you are flooding with in a short amount of time can be mind blowing. Being a single parent makes my situation a bit different as well. I have tried to get my feel of things and work on my study schedule, find people that I can potentially study with and those that I can build relationships with, its a work in progress!

Prior to our test on this Monday we had over 25 different lecture sessions (13 actual class days)  ranging from biochemistry, histology, molecular cell, cell biology, fundamentals of medicine, etc and our test was 118 questions. I will go into more detail about the test and what I learned in another post!

Here are a few words that my classmates used to describe there first week of school........

Indescribable, Woaaaah, ugh, Introspective, fun, Crazy, Seriously, Interesting!

Image result for first day of school           

I am a proud member of the Class of 2020!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm a Medical School Student ;-D

The time has finally come..... I have so much to share but time is escaping me LOL. I have been in school 3 weeks now!

And at the top of next week I will celebrate a birthday and my first ever medical school exam as a medical school student. I took a brief study break to provide you all with a bit of encouragement.

Your day is coming, patience is hard to practice at times but trust in the plans that God has for you and understand that time is relative in the grand scheme of things, your time is coming and you will do well and be great!

I will try to do a post on my first week of medical school after my test next week!!

 LOL :-)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Are you ready to Apply!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!

This time of year is marked by "Springing Forward" our clocks, crazy pollen (southern states at least), flowers blossoming, graduations and so many more wonderful things. Well it is also a reminder the AMCAS and AACOMAS application will open in a few weeks.

                                                  AMCAS                                        AACOMAS
Application Opens                    May 1, 2016                                 May 5, 2016
Submissions Begins                  June 1, 2016                                 June 15, 2016

Speaking from someone who has applied more than once and both early and late in the cycle, interviewed during more than one cycle and will official begin school this summer: when your advisors, fellow premeds and medical students tell you to apply early, listen and APPLY EARLY!!!

Ideally Early application = Early Secondaries = Early Interviews =  Early Acceptances

Hopefully everyone that plans to apply this year has already taken there MCAT or will take it now in April or Early May test dates. (By no means should you rush to test if you are not ready, test when you a comfortable with where you stand on content, practice test scores, and confidence)

Below is a timeline I have modified by including additional dates and important factors to consider. The original pre-med AMCAS application timeline.

Jan-June--- You are here right now ;-)
  • Save as much as you can for primary applications, secondary applications, interview cost, seat deposit fees and so on. 
  • If you are eligible Apply for FAP through AMCAS and Fee assistance through AACOMAS.
  • Reflect on your interest, core values and desires in a medical programs (locations, specialty interest, extracurricular activities, research opportunities, additional funding available at the school, school/city demographics etc).
  • Check out MSAR to learn more about schools and/or also go to the schools direct website. 
  • Narrow your list of schools you would like to apply to based on your preferences and based on if you have or will all of the required pre-med prereq before school starts (for instance one school may required 2 semester of math but your school only required you take 1 semester of math). 
  • ***Important***Once you have selected your schools pre-write your writing prompts so that you can submit your secondary as soon as you receive them. Check out this website for a list  or visit SDN, or contact people know that attend or have recently applied to the school. Set a goal to have the writing prompts completed no later than mid June, leaving a few weeks to make last minute changes before July 1 when secondary applications open.
  • Also it is never to early to look for scholarships, check out the financial aid website of you prospective schools, google, scholarship websites and create a spreadsheet with listing deadlines and other important information.
  • Prepare for and take the MCAT if you have not already taken the test or need to retake. Take the MCAT in the spring if possible, but no later than early summer in order to have scores submitted to the schools early in the cycle.
  • Request copies of your transcripts and check to ensure that there are no errors on them.
  • Begin working on primary applications. AACOMAS opens in  early May. AMCAS application is available online in May for applicants to begin filling out, but cannot be submitted until early June.
  • TMDSAS opens in early May.
  • Take/retake the MCAT if needed.
  • Continue submitting secondaries that you did not get a chance to complete in earlier.
  • Some will come within days of submitting the primary application, others will take a bit longer. Return these to the schools within one to two weeks of receiving.
  • Interview at medical schools.
  • Some schools notify applicants of acceptances October 15. Notifications continue until the class is full. 
  • By April 30, applicants to AMCAS schools should only be holding a spot at one school. They may remain on waitlists for other schools. (Not sure if these rule also applies to D.O schools)
  • Update schools you are waitlisted at about new activities and accomplishments.
Summer- Fall 

  • Take a short lived breather once you're accepted before Medical School starts :-)

Check back for periodic updates as additional tips come to mind!

Upcoming Medical School Information Session!!

Interested in attending a pre-med/medical student conference this fall or spring check out this post

GA-PCOM (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, GA Campus)

Open House April 15, 2016 5
:30pm- 8pm   Suwanee, Georgia

Why you should attend?

  • If you have an interest in Osteopathic Medicine or would like to learn more about Osteopathic principles, OMM or anything else, this would be a great opportunity for you to learn more about the school what is offers, the unique of Osteopathic medicine the similarities/difference between D.O and MD training.
  • If you would like to attend GA-PCOM: This is a great opportunity to learn more about their campus, lecture structure.. etc
  • If you would like to attend GA-PCOM: This is a great opportunity to get to know the admissions staff, state your interest in their program, follow up with emails stating your interest, what you enjoyed about the open house, when you are applying etc.
I have attended several seminars at GA-PCOM and attended their open house as well and I would definitely suggest this event to anyone who will be applying to anyone of their programs, even if you have attended their open house before I would say go again, it shows your interest and it may not be a bad thing when an admissions officer recognizes your name because you frequent their events.

As I come across other open house events at medical schools throughout the US I will post them.

Best of luck to prospective students!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Persevere, You Must!

I just want to say never give up, never give in, never loose sight of your dreams, no matter the trials and tribulation you may be faced with you owe it to yourself to never quit. Persevere, YOU MUST PERSIST! 

** Yes this is a Gospel Song, Yes I love all music, Yes I am a fan of Gospel Music & Yes I definitely Love GOD!** 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Deadlines, Decisions, & FAITH

Just when you think you have a moment to relax then you're met with additional "surprises". This has been a very fruitful application season for me. I have had the opportunity to interview with several schools and I have even been accepted into a program. 

With most acceptances there are deadlines for committing to a particular school. I received my first acceptance mid-january and this week I have to decide if I will attend the school. While, I am overjoyed and excited  to be  one step closer to my dreams. I have a lot of things to consider before deciding if I want to relocate to a different state with my son and embark on this tremendous yet demanding voyage of medical school. 

In addition to having a deadline there's also a non-refundable seat deposit required that is around $2,000. This has been one of the biggest strains because I cannot easily come up with that kind of money even within a 30 day deadline. On top of my current acceptance and I was waitlisted at one school and I am still waiting to hear back from another school. All of the schools that I interviewed with have qualities and characteristics that meet my needs and expectations. Yet, I have been in the state of panic and unease for some time now because I would hate to make a rash decisions based on my eagerness to enroll in medical school and live out my dreams. My son on the other hand is very saddened at the possibility of having to leave all his family and start a new life in a new state.

As a single mother there are a lot of things I must consider. Negating the fact that I may not be in a financial position to submit the deposit. My son's happiness, emotional state and education are very important to me. Today marks a day of transition for our lives as I must make an important decision regarding our future. Whatever decision I come it must be one that I can live with tomorrow and beyond.

There will be times in life when you will reach a deadline, a fork in the road of sorts, you will have to make a decision on which path to take. Whether or not both paths are equally/less desirable, or if one path appears more attractive. At that time have faith, pray with a open heart and mind and trust in him!
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

** Disclaimer: Originally written Feb 24, 2016 however I forget to post it :-(

Monday, February 15, 2016

What did you do the summer before year 1 of Med School??

I've been scratching my head about what I should do this summer before medical school starts? 

A lot of students I've talked to have advised me not to do any studying or reviewing of material to prep for what is to come during my first semester and year of medical school. Of course I did consider opening a book and reviewing notes but after taking time to really think about it, now that is furthest from my mind. After spending one to many of my summers preparing for the MCAT, spending my entire summer last year in a Medical School introductory course, and working all year long, this summer I really would like to maximize my time with family and allow myself to mentally and physically relax. So that when I start school in the summer/fall I will be at ease and ready to start this new chapter in my life.  

In addition to having to move and all that fun jazz, I want to set aside some time to enjoy the sun the cool breeze of the summer (or more like the crazy humidity of the south). Of course, I want to travel and explore places that I've never been, catch up on some reading, allow my creative juices to flow and maybe write a few new poems, and discover new things about myself. But, I don't have any concrete plans yet so now is the time to start brainstorming.

As a single mother I understand the sacrifices being made by myself, my child and family. So I want to make sure that my son is able to enjoy this summer as much as he can before we are both back in school.

I would love to hear from other students coming from similar familial backgrounds as myself and other young/older "single" students about how you spent your summer before beginning medical school!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Interview Season : Travel & Lodging

Applying to medical school is a joyous and sometimes stressful occasion. But once you receive your first interview invitation euphoria sets in!

If you are like the thousands of student that apply every year, you may find yourself traveling outside of you home state or city. I, personally tried to stay within my comfort zone and applied to schools in my home state of Georgia and the surrounding states but being a bit bold, I also applied to schools in Ohio, D.C, Maryland, and North Carolina. Which presented me with a few things to think about in the event that I needed to travel out state for an interview: drive, fly, take a bus or train and then deciding where to stay. Here are a few tips ....


  • If money is a determining factor, deciding to drive to your prospective interview may be the best option if they interview is within 3+ hour drive from your current residence. I have taken multiple roads trips so I am accustomed to driving 6-7 hours at a times. When you drive your main cost factor is gas and depending on the car, a full tank of gas can range from 275-325 miles (roughly a 3-4 hour trip). I would not recommend driving to cross country interviews, unless that is the only option you have and even then I would suggest being accompanied by someone to share the driving duties. Whether you rent a car or use your own, make sure the car has received recent maintenance work (oil change, tire rotation, passed a multi-check inspection)
  • Another option is the MEGA BUS, Greyhound or train if you prefer not drive, the only precaution would be insuring proper storage of your interview wardrobe. Depending on how far you have to travel this may be cheaper or more expensive than a full tank of gas, and will leave you with limited mobility if you stay in your respective destination before/after you interview has concluded.
  • Flying will by far be one of the most expensive options, unless you catch a good deal or use a buddy pass. The convenience of flying is that it can reduce your travel time tremendously especially if you have a direct flight, it may offer more comfort than driving, and it requires little work on your part. It offers the same disadvantages of taking the bus or train, such as limited mobility (without opting to pay for a cab etc) and properly storing your interview wardrobe.

Now on the exciting part, Hotel Accommodations: This will vary based on the city, with some destinations having a plethora of options, while others may have very limited options.

  • Check with the school to see if they offer any discounts at local hotel, motels, B&Bs, etc. This may be a great money saver.
  • Check with the school to see if they offer shuttle service to and from the interview, this may also help you decide if you even need your own transportation for the interview.
  • Check with family and friends, etc. to see if they have any memberships or can offer a discount on any of the brand hotels near the school.
  • Check with each hotel to see this they offer discounts to students coming in town to interview, this definitely would be a good idea in a small town, where the medical school is a major component of their infrastructure. 
  • Reach out to family, friends, alumni from undergrad or current students at the medical school to see if they can offer you any free/discounted lodging.
  • See if the school offers travel reimbursement for students experiencing financial obstacles.
  • If you go with hotel lodging it may be a good idea to pick a place that offers breakfast, It may not be a fancy spread but your goal is not to be stuffed before your interview but to have something on your stomach to hold you over till lunch and keep your stomach quite during the interview.
  • Stay within a reasonable commute from campus, whether you got lost, stuck in traffic or some other excuse, being late to an interview is never a good sign.
Deciding which means of transportation to use and your lodging are important and costly decisions. You must factor the amount of time off you will have away from school, work or whatever your daily responsibilities are, what is financially feasible, and strain/stress involved in your commute/stay. Utilize your resources such as your family, friends, undergraduate community, and the prospective school, you never know what help they may be able to provide to reduce the cost of your travel expenses.

Safe Travels

Image result for travel